Dr Ricky Arenson

The debate over who is superior between men and women has existed since the dawn of time. Both sexes have benefits and drawbacks, but who is truly more remarkable than the other? Some argue that men are superior to women because they have dominated humankind with power and superior physical strength. On the other hand, women are considered to have better communication and multitasking skills and are also thought to be more emotionally intelligent.

Dr. Ricky Arenson M.D., a health and relationship expert, is attempting to end the age-old conflict once and for all by releasing a book that uses humour, psychology, and scientific evidence to prove that women are overall better human beings than men. Below, Dr. Arenson gives a few factors that prove his claim:

1. Humanity depends on women for survival

Women are superior because they ensure the continuation of humanity by agreeing to fall pregnant and deliver babies, generation after generation. Can you imagine men consenting to bloat up, suffer nausea and back pain, never mind contemplating the birth process? Humanity would long since have gone extinct,” writes Dr. Arenson in his new book, Women Are Superior to Men. “Pregnancy and mothering infants demand selfless giving, and human survival depends on this being built into maternal DNA.”

Dr Arenson argues that the “average” male has neither the temperament nor the mental fortitude to be a “mother figure.” Other than a few rare individuals, most men would not willingly give up their jobs, hobbies, and personal comfort to devote all their time and energy to fulfilling the demands of motherhood. “It is the capacity of exhausted mothers to give and give to their infants and families that sets them apart and creates magic in most of our lives.”

Good mothering has the greatest impact on the well-being of all humans. The world would be a much better place if every child had a loving, capable mother,” Dr Arenson adds.

2. Women’s brains have more than one faculty

Wives often complain that husbands have a “one-track mind”. “While most women enjoy sex, they hope to educate their husbands to focus on other matters like family welfare, domestic upkeep, and well, pretty much anything other than sex all the time would be an improvement,” says Dr. Arenson.

3. Women solve problems

Dr. Arenson reiterates that although men enjoy giving out orders, it’s often women who solve problems. His take, “Wives quietly and industriously clean up messes made by their husbands. When wives delegate simple tasks to their husbands, things frequently go horribly wrong.

Many men believe they should be the boss, but what they really require is performance management to improve their contribution to maintaining a busy household.”

4. Female influence makes the world a better, safer place

According to the health and relationship expert, business evidence demonstrates that mixed-gender teams perform better than male-dominated ones. Higher testosterone levels make men more aggressive and inclined to take unnecessary risks. Moms often teach their sons social skills to soften this approach. Wives calm and rationalise husbands who “want to fight.” Dr. Arenson expounds, “Male-dominated civilizations that have lacked sufficient female influence have caused wars, environmental damage, sexual abuse, and minority subjugation.”

He promotes the notion that many women possess abilities, talents, and powers that men lack. Hence, they must be given equal opportunities to become CEOs, presidents, and high-level executives today.

5. Women bring superior management skills

The author proposes that women make great bosses because of their superiority in emotional perception and ability to “multitask”. “They seem able to manage ‘many balls in the air’ at once, and understand the needs of each child, even the “extra child”, the husband. Men get much better results by listening to their wives and getting things right the first time, rather than fighting them for supremacy,” according to Dr Arenson, “I always say to my wife, you need to realise who’s boss around here… so that you can start giving clearer orders!”

Gender roles and sexuality are entirely personal decisions for each couple, and no one should be prescriptive on the subject. Women should never demand equality with men: why would they aim so low? It is men who should strive to be more like women. The world benefits tremendously from loving, caring fathers who pull their weight bringing up children and helping wives manage the home. Happy families lead to a healthy society. What’s more, there’s good evidence that men who help their female partners more with housework have better sex lives!“, he concludes.

As seen in DigitalJournal.com published September 23, 2022, written by Baden Bower.

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