Dr Ricky Arenson

Happy Healthy Ever After

Finally, a podcast that puts the fun, confidence and joy back into heterosexual love, gender differences and sexuality. Dr Arenson explores why so many couples have the same arguments about how often to have sex, how men don’t notice or pick up the mess they leave lying around, and most importantly, he solves the mystery of why men can’t find things in cupboards.

With the experience of 2 medical specialties, seeing over 30,000 patients, 10 years in hospital management, and 20 years of marriage, he applies science, psychology and humour to explain how men and women differ, how this affects relationships, and how to apply simple evidence-based approaches to find everlasting love and great sex.

Sex and Sexuality – Part 2 | Episode 10

In this episode, I’ll be answering the “big question”, “Does size count?” I’ll also be talking about the importance of friendship in the bedroom, how to balance routine and spontaneity, and most importantly, I’ll be elucidating 8 easy strategies to

Sex and Sexuality – Part 1 | Episode 09

In this episode, I’ll be talking about the value and importance of sec and intimacy, the science of libido and how to manage a flagging sexual desire, I’ll be sharing some funny stories about “unsafe sex”, and I’ll be covering

5 Simple approaches to lasting love – Part 2 | Episode 08

This episode explains 5 ridiculously simple approaches to enhancing relationships. I’ll explore how to create a good relationship infrastructure and culture with my usual dose of positivity and humour. How can you create a united team without sacrificing your individualism?

5 Simple approaches to lasting love – Part 1 | Episode 07

In this episode, I elucidate the evidence behind the “5 simple approaches”. Why is it important to create a relationship infrastructure that can maintain love and passion? Why isn’t being “in love” good enough? How does a couple become an

Why Couples Fight Part 2 | Episode 06

In this episode, I talk about humorous and serious common couple disputes like nagging, jealousy, shared toilets, money, and why couples fight about husbands wanting a more expensive car.

Why Couples Fight Part 1 | Episode 05

In this episode, I cover humorous and serious reasons why couples fight. Why do so many men have the same complaints about their female partners and vice-versa. I explain flashpoints like the common male preoccupation with sex and lack of