Dr Ricky Arenson


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Join Dr. Arenson in Happy Healthy Ever After as he delves into the intricacies of relationships, gender differences, and the science of lasting love and great sex. With over two decades of experience in medicine and marriage, Dr. Arenson combines science, psychology, and humor to uncover the mysteries of heterosexual love and intimacy.

In How did so-called progressive politics become so regressive?, we tackle pressing questions about progressive politics, censorship, and societal challenges. Discover logical explanations on why certain political movements may have unintended consequences and explore the importance of democratic principles in creating a healthy society.

And for those seeking personal growth and Life Mastery, join us as we unlock the secrets to happiness and success. Learn evidence-based approaches to managing your life, making better decisions, and nurturing fulfilling relationships.

Whether you’re curious about love, politics, or self-improvement, our podcasts offer insights, solutions, and a dose of optimism for navigating life’s complexities.