Dr Ricky Arenson

Women Are Superior to Men

Dr Ricky Arenson

The Real Secret to an Inspiring, Passionate Relationship

Ricky Arenson, M.D., an experienced Endocrinologist and husband, explains with science, psychology, and humour why women are superior to men and why it’s worthwhile for husbands to admit this. His perceptive view makes this book an entertaining and comprehensive guide to assist partners to better navigate the ups and downs of love, sexuality, conflict, and gender differences. The chapters cover the wide universe of issues that couples often experience as problematic as they seek to live together for decades in close partnership. You’ll learn how to respect each other’s strengths, work as a team, solve disputes, divvy up the chores, and so much more!

This is a warm, relevant book that will make wives feel acknowledged and appreciated while helping husbands laugh at their failings and inadequacies. Read it separately or together—and see how your relationship will gain in strength and love.

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Book Excerpt

Author Statement

My primary purpose in writing Women Are Superior To Men was to celebrate women and help them make their relationships better. Most wives, mothers, and girlfriends are kind and caring. They are the world’s greatest creation. Men can be uncommunicative, slovenly, a bit unhygienic, and irritating, but many women still adore their boyfriends and husbands regardless. The goal of this book is to focus on the magic of love, romance, and sex that are the primary sources of happiness for so many couples.

On behalf of myself and all men, I sought to provide advice that could help make men better partners in their relationship. This begins by learning to express respect, appreciation, and sympathy for what many women tolerate in their attempts to civilise a man into a “hu-man”.

One of my female colleagues picked up this book at work, read a few pages, and said, “Wow! This is exactly what I go through with my mate! I’m going to read it and then give it to him to read!” That’s what I was aiming for: to create a book that is relatable, warm, funny, but serious enough to prove useful to both partners in providing relationship management guidance.

It has always fascinated me that so many couples have the same arguments about how often to have sex, how will they share the chores like doing the dishes, who will drive the kids to their playdates, and how men communicate in grunts or jokes when their wives are looking for a serious conversation.

How many times have we all heard a woman say, “Having a husband is exhausting—it’s like having an extra child?” To this end, my book explores both the funny and serious sides of how to make relationships work, especially in suggesting to men how certain changes in their behaviour and attitude can go a long way to pleasing their wife.

Each chapter analyses a specific issue in relationships and offers simple, evidence-based strategies to keep the sun shining constantly in your home. Human happiness is dependent on relationship success, yet most people are never taught these simple principles of human management that their wellbeing relies upon.

With this book, I set out to provide an easy guide to creating and maintaining a magical relationship filled with love, joy, and better (and more frequent) sex.