Dr Ricky Arenson

Life Mastery

Happiness and success depend on the quality of how we manage our lives. Isn’t it ironic that humans aren’t formally taught the simple evidence-based science of life management.

Let me share what I’ve learned from managing over 30,000 patients, establishing myself as a leading expert on management in health, and from being a husband and father. I’ll teach you an easy, evidence-based approach to becoming happy and successful. You only need one simple philosophy to make your relationships better, only one rule to avoid catastrophic mistakes and unnecessary conflict. You only require one simple question to make difficult decisions, solve challenging dilemmas, give good advice.

Let me teach you what I wish someone had taught me 20 years ago. There is a science to human happiness. Let me teach it to you.

The meaning of life, Part 2 | Episode 10

In this final episode of the Life Master mini-series, we discuss continuous improvement for success and happiness, focusing on learning from setbacks, fostering a culture of progress, and collaboration for personal growth. In this episode:

The meaning of life, Part 1 | Episode 09

This episode the concept that the meaning of life lies in the connection with ourselves, others, and opportunities and how it can guide one towards a life defined by love, growth, and transcendence. In this episode:

The most important message in the world, Part 1 | Episode 07

In this episode, we delve into the harmful impacts of digital addiction on physical, mental, emotional, and societal health. Excessive screen time is linked to poor mental health, reduced productivity, and developmental delays in children just to name a few

Happiness is a decision | Episode 06

Join me as we talk about the essence of positive energy and its impact on happiness and success. We also discuss how happiness is not a fleeting emotion but a conscious decision one must make to cultivate a fulfilling life.

The secret of how to become happy and successful | Episode 05

In this episode, I share insights on achieving happiness and success through proportional investment. By highlighting the value of hard work, relationships, and giving, I encourage listeners to shift their focus towards investing in a fulfilling and successful life. In

The Right Question | Episode 04

We discuss the concept of the right question and its profound impact on decision-making. The power of this single question serves as a compass for navigating life’s complex decisions, be it in relationships, career choices, or negotiations. In this episode:

Work with not Against | Episode 02

We look at the transformative philosophy of “work with, not against,” stressing the importance of positive relationships and alliances in personal and professional settings. In this episode:

Be the Manager | Episode 01

In episode 1, we delve into the significance of developing management skills in self, relationships and problem-solving to happiness and success. In this episode: