Dr Ricky Arenson

How did so-called progressive politics become so regressive?

Has the world gone mad? How can so many so-called progressive politicians seek to cancel freedom of speech, history, gender, and reality? In this series, I will give simple, logical explanations about why so-called progressive political movements like BLM, MeToo have been bad for society and undermined the causes they purport to represent. I’ll explain why these movements have promoted victimhood and cancellation of truth, but I’ll also provide positive solutions and explain what democracy should look like to create a healthy society. If you’re looking for a podcast that makes you feel better about believing in democratic principles, free speech and reality, then this is the one for you!

Why are so-called progressive political movements promoting censorship and totalitarianism?

Why are the biggest capitalist companies in the world promoting Marxism?

If you disagree with the philosophies of BLM, MeToo and the Trans movement, does this make you a bigoted xenophobe?

Join me as I examine the importance of democratic principles and explain why they are worth fighting for.