Dr Ricky Arenson

Gender differences between men and women truly exist. Denying this reality makes relationship interactions and marriage more difficult. In the average case, men are faster and stronger – look at the Olympic results. Women tend to be more emotional and emotionally sensitive, traits that serve mothers, families, and humanity well. Regardless of dogma, most men and women socialise differently, have subtly different needs, and most of all, their minds work differently. 

For proof of this, take any observation of teenagers socialising, or the experience of getting married and having children. Even psychological studies confirm that gender differences go far beyond conditioning. Hormones and genetics influence behaviour, personality, mood, and physical differences. We are sophisticated animals, but most mammal species have characteristic gender differences, too.

Until recently, men have served as protectors, soldiers, and hunters, whereas women have ensured human survival by falling pregnant, breastfeeding, and taking care of infants (arguably a more important role than making money, regardless of fashionable dogma). The recent short transition in social fashion minimizing “gender roles” cannot overrule all the genetic and hormonal adaptations that have shaped the physical and emotional design of humans for millions of years.

If men imagine that female minds operate on the same single track as theirs do (non-stop sex), they are in for a lifetime of disappointment and frustration. The female brain, for better or worse, can engage in diverse and complex thoughts that don’t involve sexual acts.

Most women must come to terms with the fact that although it seems almost impossible to walk over a pile of dirty clothes without noticing, many men achieve this with ease. It is surprising to many women that their male partners seem unable to focus on what they are saying, behave like children, grunt inattentively or make dumb jokes when a serious conversation is in order, and remain permanently preoccupied with one specific task, the same one (sex), day after day. Doesn’t their thingy have an “off-switch” or at least a dimmer?

It doesn’t matter how rich or famous anyone becomes; it is the quality of one’s close relationships that will make or break your emotional welfare. For many, the male / female partnership is at the heart of family life. The problem is, we are taught so little about male and female sexuality and how to manage ourselves and each other in the pressured environment that modern couples face. I hope to help with this by providing simple and effective approaches and realistic expectations given that men and women are simply not the same.

Dr. Ricky Arenson, Author of “Women Are Superior To Men”, is an Endocrinologist, Geriatrician, and Comedian. Learn more at www.drrickyarenson.com