Dr Ricky Arenson

One of the most selling and fascinating aspects of life is sex. People enjoy discussing, reading, or consuming about it, and some take pleasure in actually doing it. However, while sex appeals to many, this greatest desire and bliss can also be a source of conflict and misery in relationships.

In his new book, health and relationship expert Dr. Ricky Arenson aims to improve people’s sex lives by pointing out the obvious, obscure, and overall truth about sex and intimacy.

Romantic sex is better than one-night stands

According to Arenson, most people get more sexual pleasure from long-term, positive relationships than from casual encounters because they involve more emotion.

When we value sex and combine it with passionate love, the act becomes a merging of body and soul, elevating the experience to a far more existentially satisfying sensation than simply doing it because we have an urge,” he says. “Physical sex can be a lot of fun on its own, but in the context of a loving relationship, it can be elevated to something much more.

It’s all about the mental approach

Arenson writes that a good sex life requires open communication, respect, consideration, sensitivity, a loving relationship, and a desire to please your partner.

It’s all about mental approach because the “pole in the hole” trick isn’t all that difficult. Sex becomes much more enjoyable when both partners feel mentally and physically connected. Because sexuality is tactile, maintain touch and affection to stimulate physical chemistry,” he explains.

Most women have less sex drive than men

Sexual frequency has always been a point of contention between partners. But, according to Arenson, this is because men have grandiose fantasies about women wanting sex.

Many men live in a fantasy world where they believe women should have the same libido as they do. However, most men have far greater sex drives than their spouses, which is a natural result of high testosterone levels,” he adds.

A healthy sex life is important

The book also states that a happy, active sex life is essential to a successful relationship and that lovemaking provides numerous physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. The sexual act produces happy hormones that make us feel more content and relaxed.

Numerous medical studies show that people who engage in more frequent sexual activity live longer lives. Wives, this means that your husband provides you with regular sex out of a selfless desire to help you live a longer, healthier life.” Arenson continues, “Perhaps wives who find their husbands’ libido irritating forego sex to achieve the opposite effect.

It takes two

Arenson says an ideal partnership is one in which both partners strive to meet the other’s needs, including sex.

When one person is unhappy, the relationship suffers, regardless of who is at fault. Sexual disappointment is not insignificant or silly. If you don’t want to have sex, rekindle your desire by getting back ‘in practice.’ If you put in some effort and begin to give, you will most likely find fulfillment and even enjoyment from the experience.

Develop a routine

Arenson also shares that making love should be treated the same way as any other activity that is a part of people’s routines. He advises setting aside specific days and times for sexual relations to avoid “falling out of the habit.”

Having a routine to fall back on ensures that you keep investing because you have made time for sexuality. On the other hand, too much routine can lead to sensory fatigue. Doing the same thing in the same way over and over can become tiresome and dull. Nonetheless, “Sex is like pizza,” as the saying goes. It’s still enjoyable even when it’s not perfect,” he stresses.

Great sex life requires a lot of effort

Arenson believes some creativity can help couples spice things up again. They can do this by changing the setting and mood (location, music, candles, flowers, etc.)

You must work hard to keep your sex life from becoming a chore and tempting you to look elsewhere. Reinvest in intimacy to cultivate positive energy. Regardless of whether there are children, create a safe space for quality, intimate time together. Maintaining good physical health is beneficial to have a fulfilling sexual life,” Arenson concludes.

Dr. Ricky Arenson’s best-selling book, “Women Are Superior To Men: The Real Secret To A Fantastic Marriage, Joyful Parenting, and Better Sex,” is now available on Amazon. Join the conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn.

As seen in DigitalJournal.com published September 23, 2022, written by Baden Bower.

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