Dr Ricky Arenson

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jillian Hamiliton on Cheating : When Love Lies. Join this fun and insightful podcast. You’ll hear about the importance of sex in a marriage, if cheating is a choice or just happens, and if staying together after a betrayal is better than getting divorced.

The podcast, Cheating: When Love Lies, is a deep dive into the complex emotions surrounding these secret unions. Creator and host, Jillian Hamilton, delves into this taboo topic and asks the hard questions about affairs. These interviews are raw and real-and at times maddening or heartbreaking. For more, head on over to https://www.podcastone.com/

Women Are Superior To Men explains with seriousness and humor how couples can improve the management of their relationship once the man fully appreciates the capabilities of his spouse or partner. This hilarious marriage guide reveals how both men and women can improve their partnership. With this book you will both learn:

This book calls for men to admire their wives and aspire to become better parents, team players when it comes to housework, and attentive to the many contributions their wives make to the household.

Dr. Arenson believes that couples should view their relationship as a company needing good management. Life management improves with a good manager, and in most marriages, that role is best delegated to wives. But this doesn’t mean that men should take a back seat to be a full partner in the relationship.